All the USSF president’s men (part 1 of RSD23 podcast)

The nomination deadline has passed, and we still don’t really know how many candidates will officially run for U.S. Soccer president. Current educated guess is eight, but at least three are unconfirmed.

This morning, I chatted with Jason Davis on SiriusXM’s United States of Soccer. The interview is now available on demand on the SiriusXM site. Highlights:

  • 1:30 – How many nominees? We go through individually.
  • 5:00 – Who can nominate, anyway?
  • 6:25 – Conspiracy theories — separating the ludicrous from the rational, especially in terms of Soccer United Marketing and Major League Soccer.
  • 8:33 – The Nominating and Governance Committee: Too much influence for Garber and Gulati?
  • 14:00 – Has SUM lost control of things?
  • 15:30 – The Steven Gans letter

And the election accounts for the first 15 minutes of the Dec. 13 podcast …

  • 4:30 – Why it’s important that the rest of the election is in the hands of the Credentials Committee, not the Nomination and Governance Committee. No, really. It’s about SUM.
  • 6:00 – The positives of SUM (historically), segueing quickly into what looks quite bad right now.
  • 8:10 – The establishment candidate (Kathy Carter)
  • 9:15 – Why the delay in USSF announcing the final field?
  • 10:10 – The adult soccer associations are leaning toward …
  • 12:30 – Yeah, somehow this segued into pro/rel and how we can do it better than Europe
  • 13:10 – Summing up the field and how they all have something to say.

The second part of the podcast is on the Soccer Parenting Summit. See the next post tonight or tomorrow or whenever I thaw out from another trek outside. Listen:



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