Kyle Martino and the next steps for the U.S. Soccer “change” movement

(This week’s podcast has been snowed out.) A historical reminder here: Four years after Richard Nixon just demolished George McGovern 520-17 in the electoral vote, the USA elected a Democrat named Jimmy Carter.   Granted, the situation had a few unique factors. Nixon threw it all away with Watergate. Carter was a Southern Baptist, making him… Read More

Moving forward and making peace with U.S. Soccer’s “change” wing and the Athletes’ Council

I have an important message for the “Gang of Six” supporters: You made a difference. Really. Your choice now is whether you want to follow through or just take to Twitter and whine about the election result. Having spent 48 wild hours in Orlando, I think people in U.S. Soccer are receptive to change. Maybe… Read More

Scenes from an Orlando hotel (or, why Heather O’Reilly is hard core)

After my interview with SiriusXM FC today (thanks, Dunny and Janusz), I headed over to the hotel where all the action is at the U.S. Soccer Annual General Meeting to grab a good meal and see who was hanging around. I found more than I expected: Hard-core HAO: I’ve been wrong about a few things in… Read More