… and not enough time to ask them of all the people who need to answer them.

I’ll try to pester people before Thanksgiving. But if anyone wants to go ahead and ask, go ahead.


  1. If Precourt takes his team or his ownership position or whatever you call it to Austin, then does Columbus immediately jump into the expansion fray as San Jose did when the Earthquakes moved? Columbus already has a stadium, so if they can raise the expansion fee, do they get a “new” Crew?
  2. Is MLS planning to do anything to appease angry fans across the country who are saying they’re less likely to support their local teams because a city can have a solid fan base and a stadium and still move? What assurances will you give them that you’re not just going to let their owners pack up and move somewhere?
  3. Did the Columbus powers-that-be really cut off future conversations, as PSV claimed? If not, why have we not heard a loud denunciation of that claim?
  4. Why should any municipality pledge money, even just for infrastructure, to build a stadium for an MLS club when that’s clearly not enough to guarantee the club’s future?


  1. Why don’t you have a commissioner, eight months after Jeff Plush stepped down?


  1. When are you going to start calling more fouls, from the pro level down to Under-9, so that U.S. players will develop skills instead of just beating the crap out of each other?


  1. When are we going to quit exalting players who beat the crap out of each other?


  1. Are you working on a solution to the training compensation / solidarity payment issue that you think you would survive a court challenge from the MLS Players Union or whomever else, or are you waiting for the Court of Arbitration for Sport to weigh in?
  2. Why did the women’s national team have to play on bad turf in New Orleans?


  1. What in the world does “continuously” mean here? Shouldn’t citizenship be part of the criteria? And what’s up with efforts to update this?



  1. Why are you ducking my emails?

I’m sure there’s more, but let’s start with that.


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