Collated Twitter talk: Nov. 15

I’m not going to spend time on Twitter today because I’m going to try to … now, everyone, sit down and don’t be alarmed … report on soccer matters. I’m going to try to talk with people to see what’s on their minds and what’s happening. That sort of thing.

Speaking of which, listen to my dadgum podcast with Kyle Martino.

Again, please don’t be alarmed or offended.

Quick notes on conversations of this morning:

No, but I think FIFA would look dimly on USSF being tied up for years in court, and I would think (if Messrs. Bank, Holroyd and Turner disagree, I defer to them) MLS owners would bring quite a lawsuit if their way of doing business is changed by USSF fiat.

No one running for president is going to burn it all down. I’d be shocked if anyone tried to shut down the Development Academy, for example. Make big changes, sure. But burn it down? Not happening.

Re: pro/rel in general. I’m going to have an upcoming post suggesting pro/rel zealotry is driven by an inherent belief that athletes are subhuman. Maybe I’m still too affected by Rollerball. 

That said —  I still like my idea, complicated though it may be, to have a separate League and Cup season with modified pro/rel that minimizes risk and maximizes reward. And it occurred to me today — if people prefer to have two separate D1 leagues instead of a two-tier D1A and D1B, the structure I’m proposing still works.

Or maybe I’m just biased because I financially benefit from nothing but chaos.

I’ll check in with you fine folks later today.


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