Guide to Youth Soccer

Work has begun on the Ranting Soccer Dad Guide to Youth Soccer, which will include (among other things) an area-by-area guide to youth leagues and programs.

The idea here is to arm parents with information. This is a warning to coaches who try to tell parents their programs provide some unique path to colleges or the pros. We’re going to give parents a buyers’ guide.

Rather than write a book that would be instantly outdated, I’ve opted to do this as an ongoing project through Patreon, where you can access it for as little as $1/month. Access to the guide pages will be free, but patrons will get some bonus material.


It’s still early in the process, so there’s not a ton of content, but you can get in on the ground floor and help guide me as I write the guide. Even if you’re not a patron, you can send me more info, either about an area I’ve already covered or one that you’d like me to cover next.

The Area Guides are in a bit of a holding pattern in April and May 2018 because we’re waiting for the fallout from U.S. Youth Soccer’s new leagues. But at least you can get an idea of how these are going to look: