U.S. Soccer: The game is not the same

Let’s skip the intro and get right into it … You may want to refer to the original, because this is a paragraph-by-paragraph response. Miki Turner has done some of the screenshots already, so expect to see his Tweets throughout … POINT 1: The games are different. Paragraph 1: U.S. Soccer denies the remaining allegations… Read More

Should men’s and women’s national teams start playing “B” games?

Two bits of news, ICYMI: CONCACAF will play along with the global effort to have a “Nations League,” a promotion/relegation competition that basically replaces friendly games. The U.S. men played in Portugal with a bunch of young players, earning a 1-1 draw and stirring up a bit of optimism for the future. Take the second… Read More

Attendance check: Club over country?

Attendance at last five Atlanta United home games: July 4: 44,974 July 29: 45,006 Sept. 10: 45,314 (first game in new stadium) Sept. 13: 42,511 Sept. 16: 70,425 Attendance at last five Seattle Sounders home games: July 23: 43,528 Aug. 12: 43,350 Aug. 20: 40,312 Aug. 27: 51,796 Sept. 10: 44,697 Attendance at last five… Read More

Jill Ellis, the U.S. women and whether a “wrong experiment” exists

Sometime last night, while the U.S. women were losing to Brazil (before the frenetic last 10 minutes yielded an improbable 4–3 win), WoSo Twitter was melting down. And it wasn’t without reason. I found myself recalling that Tom Sermanni lost his job for far less experimentation than Jill Ellis has been doing in 2017. But… Read More