RSD32: Christian Lavers on ECNL/DA, U.S. Club/U.S. Youth competition

Maybe they’re not turf wars. Maybe it’s just healthy competition. Christian Lavers is fully immersed in the complicated landscape of U.S. youth soccer. He’s a technical director with FC Wisconsin and an executive with the ECNL and U.S. Club Soccer. And miraculously, he still sounds optimistic. Even “nice.” If you’re looking for mud-slinging, you’re not going… Read More

RSD23: The convoluted U.S. Soccer presidential race and the educational Soccer Parenting Summit

Beau flies solo for the likely 2017 RSD finale and talks about the magnificent seven or the elite eight to reach this stage of the USSF presidential race. At the 15-minute mark, he tries to sum up 20-some hours of the Soccer Parenting Summit. Happy holidays, and get more details on this pod later this… Read More

NASL v USSF: Meet the nine people at issue in conspiracy claim

 UPDATE: The judge denied the NASL’s request for an injunction, and the independent actors within USSF were indeed a key factor:  NASL's access to BOD, preventing 2015 PLS changes, exclusion of conflicted members, and even Malik's membership belie improper process. /7 — Neil Morris (@ByNeilMorris) November 4, 2017 Also, the Board is certainly demonstrating… Read More