The Berhalter hire and why I don’t really care

As the press conference announcing Gregg Berhalter as the U.S. men’s soccer head coach started, I was at The Fresh Market pondering ways to introduce farro into my diet.  After listening to a bit of the press conference on delay on Jason Davis’ show, I went downstairs to play the following songs on drums:  The… Read More

Should men’s and women’s national teams start playing “B” games?

Two bits of news, ICYMI: CONCACAF will play along with the global effort to have a “Nations League,” a promotion/relegation competition that basically replaces friendly games. The U.S. men played in Portugal with a bunch of young players, earning a 1-1 draw and stirring up a bit of optimism for the future. Take the second… Read More

How do we raise soft, tattooed millionaires? Alexi Lalas on RSD

Alexi Lalas is a Soccer Hall of Famer. He’s also an entertainer, with interests in music as well as riling people up from a soccer broadcast studio. So when he rips the U.S. men’s national team as “soft, tattooed millionaires,” he’s drawing on both backgrounds. Hey, #USMNT. @AlexiLalas has a message for you. All of… Read More

Attendance check: Club over country?

Attendance at last five Atlanta United home games: July 4: 44,974 July 29: 45,006 Sept. 10: 45,314 (first game in new stadium) Sept. 13: 42,511 Sept. 16: 70,425 Attendance at last five Seattle Sounders home games: July 23: 43,528 Aug. 12: 43,350 Aug. 20: 40,312 Aug. 27: 51,796 Sept. 10: 44,697 Attendance at last five… Read More