RSD25: Phillypalooza election preview, the disappointing USSF coaching education overhaul, and being nice

Point 1: Why this weekend will be huge for the U.S. Soccer presidential election. (2:02) Included in that: Why I’m skeptical of current election projections (including a NewsRadio reference), what the Number 1 issue in this election should be (8:10), a few surprising things on Paralympic soccer (8:30), a question of what we’re really saying… Read More

On SUM, Twitter and the media

First off: I’m working on two pieces that raises questions about Soccer United Marketing and the continuing evolution of Major League Soccer. One analytical, one modestly investigative. The latter, basically, is just getting some answers from Kathy Carter about SUM as it currently operates. SUM is, of course, mentioned in my book Long-Range Goals: The Subtitle… Read More