RSD short: Funny stories from youth soccer, then less funny news on USSF and NASL

A few texts for today’s podcast: About the “Play/Practice/Play” model of coaching About buildout lines Mike Woitalla interview with UnSocCo’s Ian Barker Compass Football (Jason Davis, Nipun Chopra) summing up NASL response to previous episode Brian Quarstad on 2010 Pro League Standards Quarstad again on 2011 struggling to get D2 sanction Quarstad yet again on… Read More

Dispatches from the NASL offensive …

On the heels of Monday’s Commisso-palooza, NASL interim commissioner for life Rishi Sehgal presented a more palatable take on the issues, speaking with Nipun Chopra at SocTakes Sehgal is not Commisso. He doesn’t have the Trump-style tendency to laud himself in easily refuted terms (e.g., “I’m the only investor in this country who played soccer”). He actually… Read More

Change and Chattanooga: What’s the next step for U.S. pro soccer?

(This post has been updated three times. I blame Zoidberg.) After a few weeks of post-election doom and gloom on Twitter, it’s refreshing to see the “change” movement in U.S. Soccer moving forward with something constructive. The Summit for American Soccer in Chattanooga asked a lot of interesting questions: Can we have professional teams outside… Read More