RSD short: Funny stories from youth soccer, then less funny news on USSF and NASL

A few texts for today’s podcast: About the “Play/Practice/Play” model of coaching About buildout lines Mike Woitalla interview with UnSocCo’s Ian Barker Compass Football (Jason Davis, Nipun Chopra) summing up NASL response to previous episode Brian Quarstad on 2010 Pro League Standards Quarstad again on 2011 struggling to get D2 sanction Quarstad yet again on… Read More

U.S. coaching education gets better, but …

I had low expectations for the new 11v11 U.S. Soccer grassroots coaching course, and getting up early Sunday morning to drag myself to Springfield didn’t help. Neither did the uninformative “Introduction to Grassroots Coaching” that replaced the helpful online F license after only a few years. Five hours later, I wished that U.S. Soccer had… Read More

Stubborn arrogance, bureaucracy and youth soccer in the USA and England

Two vital reads today … At SoccerWire, RSD podcast guest Charles Boehm chats with U.S. Soccer Director of Coaching Education Programs Frank Tschan and Manager of Coaching Education Dan Russell about coaching education and rondos. One comment from Russell about the former, specifically whether the Federation can reach everyone: It’s not just U.S. Soccer, it’s… Read More