RSD short: On Twitter and Cordeiro

Today’s podcast sums up why I’m boycotting Twitter and goes into a bit of detail about today’s Guardian story on Carlos Cordeiro’s first six months, particularly Pete Zopfi’s “functional unification” idea. Just to clarify: I’m not off Twitter because of anything directly affecting me. This is my response to their selective enforcement of hate speech and… Read More

A U.S. youth soccer reform update (FourFourTwo piece and beyond)

My FourFourTwo piece from yesterday gave a multi-part plan for rescuing youth soccer from the pit of despair or some other dreary place of your choosing, and it features input from Kyle Martino, Kevin Payne and two U.S. Soccer officials. The intro: “Promote a more unified Youth Soccer landscape where our members—rather than fighting each… Read More

Moving forward and making peace with U.S. Soccer’s “change” wing and the Athletes’ Council

I have an important message for the “Gang of Six” supporters: You made a difference. Really. Your choice now is whether you want to follow through or just take to Twitter and whine about the election result. Having spent 48 wild hours in Orlando, I think people in U.S. Soccer are receptive to change. Maybe… Read More