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Feb. 15. 2021

Highlighted clubs that are moving into girls ECNL or Girls Academy League in 2021-22. Not updating rankings because some clubs have been able to play a lot and some haven’t. League affiliations will be changed over the summer rather than piecemeal.

Even with those caveats. it’s pretty clear that the ECNL is getting even stronger in comparison with the GA. The rough rankings of the clubs on the list:

13. Legends FC (Cal South), GA => ECNL
17. Beach FC (Cal South), GA => ECNL
32. Sporting Blue Valley SC (Kansas), GA => ECNL
50. Oklahoma Energy FC (Okla.), GA => ECNL
83. Kansas Rush (Kansas), NPL => GA
119. Utah Royals FC (Ariz.), GA => ECNL
138. South Carolina Surf (S.C.), DPL => GA
168. AFC Lightning (Ga.), USYS => GA
203. Washington Timbers (Wash.), USYS => GA
222. Palm Beach Predators (Fla.), DPL => GA
237. Southern Soccer Academy (Ga.), NPL => GA
241. Eugene Timbers (Ore.), local leagues => GA
330. Sporting Iowa (Iowa), ECNL regional => ECNL
428. Bridge City SA (Ore.), local leagues => GA
473. BVB International Academy Texas (Texas), USYS => GA
706. Harbor Premier (Wash.), local leagues => GA

With the moves, the only GA club in the top 20 is NASA Tophat SC (Ga.).

Again, take rankings with a grain of salt, and all of this may change as clubs attract more players through promises of national league affiliation and major college recruiting.

Dec. 4, 2020 

Added clubs to USYS Great Lakes regional to reflect spring brackets. This yielded a few clubs to add to the spreadsheet. The rankings tabs will be updated in the spring; for now, the club points listed below are based on what YouthSoccerRankings shows today:

  • IN-14 Alliance FC: 0 pts. 
  • IN-15 Carmel FC: 0 pts.
  • IN-16 Elkhart County United (ECU): 0 pts.
  • IN-17 Jr. Irish SC: 0 pts.
  • IN-18 Cutters SC: 1 pt. boys (U-14, #490)
  • IN-19 Fort Wayne Sports Club: 1 pt. boys (U-17, #311)
  • IN-20 Indy Phoenix FC: 2 pts. boys (U-19, #166)
  • KY-14 Eastern Elite SA: 1 pt. girls (U-16, #290)
  • MI-31 PASS FC: 0 pts.
  • OH-78 Metro FC: 2 pts. boys (U-16, #328; U-15, #335)
  • PAW-16 Mountain District Union: 2 pts. girls (U-18, #210)

Club changes

  • MN-04 Boreal FC (formerly North Metro SC and Three Rivers SA)
  • OH-47 Sporting Queen City aka Alliance Cincinnati ( site now a phishing site)