Club and League Directory change log

Dec. 4, 2020 

Added clubs to USYS Great Lakes regional to reflect spring brackets. This yielded a few clubs to add to the spreadsheet. The rankings tabs will be updated in the spring; for now, the club points listed below are based on what YouthSoccerRankings shows today:

  • IN-14 Alliance FC: 0 pts. 
  • IN-15 Carmel FC: 0 pts.
  • IN-16 Elkhart County United (ECU): 0 pts.
  • IN-17 Jr. Irish SC: 0 pts.
  • IN-18 Cutters SC: 1 pt. boys (U-14, #490)
  • IN-19 Fort Wayne Sports Club: 1 pt. boys (U-17, #311)
  • IN-20 Indy Phoenix FC: 2 pts. boys (U-19, #166)
  • KY-14 Eastern Elite SA: 1 pt. girls (U-16, #290)
  • MI-31 PASS FC: 0 pts.
  • OH-78 Metro FC: 2 pts. boys (U-16, #328; U-15, #335)
  • PAW-16 Mountain District Union: 2 pts. girls (U-18, #210)

Club changes

  • MN-04 Boreal FC (formerly North Metro SC and Three Rivers SA)
  • OH-47 Sporting Queen City aka Alliance Cincinnati ( site now a phishing site)