RSD27: Julie Foudy finds reasons to be optimistic about youth soccer

Today’s guest has an impossible task: Make me feel better about youth soccer, and soccer in general, and youth sports in general … maybe just life in general. But she’s faced tougher tasks. She’s Julie Foudy, Hall of Fame soccer player and ESPN journalist. After I make an announcement and then rant about curling commentary,… Read More

Scenes from an Orlando hotel (or, why Heather O’Reilly is hard core)

After my interview with SiriusXM FC today (thanks, Dunny and Janusz), I headed over to the hotel where all the action is at the U.S. Soccer Annual General Meeting to grab a good meal and see who was hanging around. I found more than I expected: Hard-core HAO: I’ve been wrong about a few things in… Read More

U.S. Soccer presidential election: Last call for questions

In one week, U.S. Soccer members — from big-shot board members to little-known delegates from far-flung state associations — will descend upon a hotel just outside Disney World and Sea World. They’ll have two days of preliminary meetings and a welcome event at Hollywood Studios. (I have not yet inquired about Fastpasses for Toy Story… Read More

Time for U.S. pro leagues to treat their cornerstones a bit better

With its callous attitude toward Columbus, MLS has already staked out a “thanks for getting us off the ground, now go away” attitude that Don Garber must fix before he either leaves office or renews his contract. Are we seeing the same thing in pro women’s soccer? It’s complicated. We might not know a complete… Read More

Yes, it’s possible to understand the U.S. Soccer WoSo and YoSo numbers — maybe

This tweet, with a screenshot from the 2018 U.S. Soccer Annual General Meeting book, created some consternation: I *think* these figures are from calendar year 2017, given the note that they're compared to 2016. — Beau Dure 🗯️⚽👨‍👦 (@duresport) January 12, 2018 Did I say consternation? I meant confusion. Perhaps they shouldn’t make footnotes… Read More