RSD37: Part 2 of the Shoeless Soccer conversation

Forget the long grass. Forget the complex drills. Shin guards optional. That’s the advice from Shoeless Soccer co-author Nathan Richardson, a coach and one-time director of coaching when he’s not busy with his day job as a professor of Spanish literature. (We did not discuss whether Man of La Mancha, a musical in which I once played drums,… Read More

RSD37: Shoeless Soccer author Nathan Richardson on taking youth soccer off the long grass

Nathan Richardson, co-author of Shoeless Soccer: Fixing the System and Winning the World Cup (which I reviewed here), joins the podcast this week to talk about the radical yet somewhat globally accepted ideas in his book. Basically, instead of turning soccer into an expensive coach-driven activity, why not let kids learn by playing? And maybe… Read More

RSD36: Player pathways, college and elite leagues, with Lesle Gallimore

Lesle Gallimore has been head women’s soccer coach at the University of Washington since 1994, and she’s the current president of United Soccer Coaches. In this conversation, we talk about how college coaches adapt their recruiting to the new “elite league turf war” environment. And we talk about how players adapt and whether they *can*… Read More