I went into a rabbit hole and kept digging.

On Dec. 4, The Guardian published my piece on U.S. Soccer and where the money is going. It was essentially a preview of a board meeting that had the potential to shed light on the federation’s five-year plan to spend its assets down to $50m but did not.

I had been working on a spreadsheet rounding up a lot of U.S. Soccer numbers from their public documents — the 990 forms required of nonprofits, Audited Financial Statements, Annual General Meeting reports, etc. I figured I would have it done the day after the piece was published.

I finished it this morning. Dec. 13.

It’s fair to say I have a lot of detail:

  • Revenue and expenses in detail from 2011 forward, with some information from 2001-03 and 2006.
  • Game-by-game estimates for U.S. national team pay dating back to 2010.
  • Attendance and ratings for U.S. national team games

I’ve uploaded all of this to GitHub. If you’d prefer that I make it available some other way, please let me know.

Download away.


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