If you made predictions, feel free to share them. I’ll try to compile as best I can.


Key: Third-place teams that qualify marked with asterisk.

The predictors …

  • BD: me
  • 538: from their rankings
  • AC: Avi Creditor, Sports Illustrated
  • LL: Laken Litman, Sports Illustrated (you’ll have to click to see the picks from Kellen Becoats, Luis Miguel Echegaray and Grant Wahl


  • BD: France, Norway, South Korea, Nigeria
  • 538: France, Norway, South Korea*, Nigeria
  • AC: France, Norway, Nigeria*, South Korea
  • LL: France, Norway, South Korea*, Nigeria


  • BD: Germany, Spain, China*, South Africa
  • 538: Germany, Spain, China*, South Africa
  • AC: Germany, Spain, China*, South Africa
  • LL: Germany, Spain, China*, South Africa


  • BD: Australia, Italy, Brazil*, Jamaica
  • 538: Australia, Brazil, Italy*, Jamaica
  • AC: Australia, Brazil, unknown
  • LL: Brazil, Australia, Italy*, Jamaica


  • BD: England, Japan, Scotland*, Argentina
  • 538: England, Japan, Scotland, Argentina
  • AC: England, Scotland, Japan, Argentina
  • LL: England, Japan, unknown


  • BD: Netherlands, Canada, New Zealand*, Cameroon
  • 538: Netherlands, Canada, New Zealand*, Cameroon
  • AC: Netherlands, Canada, New Zealand*, Cameroon
  • LL: Netherlands, Canada, New Zealand*, Cameroon


  • BD: USA, Sweden, Chile, Thailand
  • 538: USA, Sweden, Thailand, Chile
  • AC: USA, Sweden, unknown
  • LL: USA, Sweden, unknown


2A vs. 2C (Nice, June 22)

  • BD: Norway over Italy
  • 538: Brazil over Norway
  • AC: Norway over Brazil
  • LL: Australia over Norway

1D vs. 3B/E/F (Valenciennes, June 23)

  • BD: England over New Zealand
  • 538: England over New Zealand
  • AC: England over New Zealand
  • LL: England over New Zealand

1A vs. 3C/D/E (Le Havre, June 23)

  • BD: France over Brazil
  • 538: France over Italy
  • AC: France over Japan
  • LL: France over Italy

1F vs. 2B (Reims, June 24)

  • BD: USA over Spain
  • 538: USA over Spain
  • AC: USA over Spain
  • LL: USA over Spain

1C vs. 3A/B/F (Montpellier, June 25)

  • BD: Australia over China
  • 538: Australia over China
  • AC: Australia over China
  • LL: Brazil over China

1E vs. 2D (Rennes, June 25)

  • BD: Netherlands over Japan
  • 538: Netherlands over Japan
  • AC: Netherlands over Scotland
  • LL: Netherlands over Japan

1B vs. 3A/C/D (Grenoble, June 22)

  • BD: Germany over Scotland
  • 538: Germany over South Korea
  • AC: Germany over Nigeria
  • LL: Germany over South Korea

2F vs. 2E (Paris, June 24)

  • BD: Sweden over Canada
  • 538: Sweden over Canada
  • AC: Canada over Sweden
  • LL: Sweden over Canada


June 27 (Nice winner vs. Valenciennes winner)

  • BD: England over Norway
  • 538: England over Brazil
  • AC: England over Norway
  • LL: England over Australia

June 28 (Le Havre vs. Reims)

  • BD: USA over France
  • 538: France over USA
  • AC: France over USA
  • LL: USA over France

June 29 (early; Montpellier vs. Rennes)

  • BD: Australia over Netherlands
  • 538: Australia over Netherlands
  • AC: Australia over Netherlands
  • LL: Brazil over Netherlands

June 29 (late; Grenoble vs. Paris)

  • BD: Germany over Sweden
  • 538: Germany over Sweden
  • AC: Germany over Canada
  • LL: Germany over Sweden


July 2 (June 27 winner vs. June 28 winner)

  • BD: USA over England
  • 538: France over England
  • AC: England over France
  • LL: USA over England

July 3 (June 29 winners)

  • BD: Australia over Germany
  • 538: Germany over Australia
  • AC: Germany over Australia
  • LL: Germany over Brazil

MEDALISTS (1st- and 3rd-place games)

  • BD: USA, Australia, England
  • 538: France, Germany, England
  • AC: England, Germany, not picked
  • LL: USA, Germany, not picked

One thought on “Women’s World Cup predictions (collated)

  1. Very interesting. It seems like everyone agrees until the quarterfinal round. That’s what’s making this world cup so special different teams can win it should be a spectacular finish


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