Dan Loney and I have three things in common. First, we’re parents. Second, we have a goofy sense of humor. Third, we’re on the Enemies List of people who push promotion/relegation as The Big Issue That Will Save U.S. Soccer and Make Us A Consistent Global Power.

The funny thing is that Dan, unlike most of us who point out inconvenient facts that make a pro/rel system difficult (but not impossible) in this country, actually hates pro/rel itself. I actually get caught up in the romance of relegation escapes and promotion chases. (I miss you, Coventry City.)

So we spoke for an hour and talked about the Athletes’ Council (in which he and I disagreed on whether Carlos Bocanegra should be on it), the Muppets, Dr. Katz: Professional Therapist, and conspiracy theories — including the accusation that we are the same person.

We did not discussion promotion and relegation in any detail whatsoever.

Enjoy …

2 thoughts on “RSD 2-7-19: Dan Loney and I don’t talk about promotion/relegation

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