That time MLS (and many others) was sued for $50 million

A bit of hilarity from the California court system …

In 2014, one James C. Maxey sued Major League Soccer, alleging a conspiracy that involved “John Does 1-1999.” It’s hard to say exactly what Maxey claimed MLS did. He says he was injured on Sept. 11, 2001, and that the injuries were caused by “George W. Bush and associates affiliated with Queen Elizabeth II, English Football Association, English Premier League, United States Soccer Federation, Republican Party, Kevin Campbell, Phillip Wright, Gary Messing, Jerry Zanelli and Peter Reynand.”

There are some wild Sept. 11 conspiracies out there, but it’s hard to imagine one that includes Zanelli, who founded the WPSL. (He passed away in 2018.)

Two months later, a California judge dismissed that complaint, along with various other complaints from Mr. Maxey against Mitch McConnell, Barack Obama, John Boehner, several Republican Party county offices, John Ashcroft, a fire department, Mitt Romney, John McCain, James Comey, the National Labor Relations Board, “Michael” Platini, Sepp Blatter, Costco, Hillary Clinton and … Cy Curnin? The lead singer of The Fixx?

In between the filing and the dismissal, another judge noted the following paragraph recurred in each suit: “The plaintiff, James C. Maxey, suffered injury due to the actions of the [space provided for plaintiff to inserts the names of individuals or companies] on, or about [space where plaintiff inserts a date]. The plaintiff’s injuries were caused by [blank space where plaintiff identifies different parties or companies] associates affiliated [another blank space].”

Here’s the complaint in its entirety:


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