U.S. Open Cup qualifiers: Which leagues fared the best?

The U.S. adult (not pro, but maybe not amateur) league system is in flux, with tons of teams joining the suddenly sprawling UPSL and other leagues taking steps toward greater recognition.

So with that in mind, it was interesting to see U.S. Soccer release the list of teams contesting the Open Cup in 2018-19 broken down by league.

Unfortunately, the results we’ve seen have the traditional state-by-state breakdown, so we can’t see which leagues progressed.

Let’s take the two documents together and see what we find. Each league is sanctioned through U.S. Adult Soccer unless otherwise specified. I’m going roughly west-to-east except for breaking out the national UPSL. A lot of games were intraleague; interleague matchups are in italic.

UPSL (4-7)

  • Cal FC; Thousand Oaks, Calif.: W 2-1 San Nicolas
  • California United FC II; Irvine, Calif.: L 2-6 CaliGators
  • JASA RWC; Redwood City, Calif.: W 7-0 San Ramon
  • Lionside FC; Redondo Beach, Calif.: W 2-0 SC Trojans
  • L.A. Wolves FC; Bell Gardens, Calif.: L 0-4 Santa Ana
  • Napa Sporting SC; Napa, Calif.: bye
  • Oakland Stompers; Oakland, Calif.: W 1-0 Leopards
  • Real San Jose; San Jose, Calif.: bye
  • San Nicolás FC; Los Angeles, Calif.: L 1-3 Cal FC
  • San Ramon Dynamos FC; San Ramon, Calif.: L 0-7 JASA
  • Santa Ana Winds FC; Lake Forest, Calif.: W 4-0 LA Wolves
  • Valley United SC; North Hills, Calif.: L 0-4 Buena Park
  • Nevada Coyotes FC; Carson City, Nev.: bye
  • Sporting AZ FC; Scottsdale, Ariz.: bye
  • Boise FC Cutthroats; Boise, Idaho: bye
  • San Juan FC; Draper, Utah: bye
  • Colorado Rush; Highlands Ranch, Colo.: L 1-2 Harpos FC 
  • Gam United FC; Aurora, Colo.: W 2-1 Northern Colorado
  • Indios Denver FC; Englewood, Colo.: L 0-1 FC Denver
  • Aurora Borealis Soccer Club; North Aurora, Ill.: bye
  • FC Maritsa; St. Louis, Mo.: bye
  • Bay Area Oiler FC; Houston, Texas: postponed
  • Dallas Elite FC; Plano, Texas: L 4-4 (PKs) Rayados
  • San Antonio Runners; San Antonio, Texas: postponed
  • Southwest FC; El Paso, Texas: bye
  • Juve-Pro Soccer; Stoughton, Mass.: L 0-1 Boston City
  • Mass United FC; Sommerville, Mass.: L 1-3 Safira
  • Safira FC; Sommerville, Mass.: W 3-1 Mass United
  • FC Cardinals; Winston-Salem, N.C.: L 1-5 Soda City
  • ASC America Soccer Club; Jacksonville, Fla.: W 1-0 Orlando FC
  • Deportivo Lake Mary; Kissimmee, Fla.: L 1-2 Sporting Orlando
  • Florida Soccer Soldiers; Hialeah, Fla.: W 2-1 Miami Sun
  • Hurricane FC; Delray Beach, Fla.: bye
  • Miami Sun FC; Miami, Fla.: L 1-2 Florida Soccer Soldiers
  • Sporting Orlando SC; Orlando, Fla.: W 2-1 Lake Mary

Oregon Premier Soccer League

  • International Portland Select (IPS)/Marathon Taverna; Portland, Ore.: bye

LIGA NorCal (US Club Soccer)

  • Academica Soccer Club; Turlock, Calif.: W 4-1 Davis
  • Contra Costa FC; Walnut Creek, Calif.: bye
  • Davis Legacy; Davis, Calif.: L 1-4 Academica

San Francisco Soccer Football League (0-1)

  • Oakland FC Leopards; Lafayette, Calif.: L 0-1 Stompers

SoCal Premier League (2-1)

  • Buena Park FC; La Palma, Calif.: W 4-0 Valley United
  • CaliGators FC; Lake Forest, Calif.: W 6-2 Cal United
  • Chula Vista FC; Spring Valley, Calif.: bye
  • L.A. South Bay Monsters FC; San Pedro, Calif.: 1-2 Outbreak
  • Outbreak FC; Long Beach, Calif.: W 2-1 South Bay
  • Quickening; Lancaster, Calif.: L 0-4 Royals
  • Real Sociedad Royals; Bellflower, Calif.: W 4-0 Quickening
  • SC Trojans FC; Los Angeles, Calif.: L 0-2 Lionside

Colorado Premier League (U.S. Specialty Sports Assn.; 2-1)

  • Club El Azul; Broomfield, Colo.: L 0-1 Colorado Rovers
  • Colorado Rovers; Broomfield, Colo.: W 1-0 Club El Azul
  • FC Denver; Aurora, Colo.: W 1-0 Indios
  • Harpo’s FC; Commerce City, Colo.: W 2-1 Colorado Rush
  • Northern Colorado FC; Fort Collins, Colo.: L 1-2 Gam United

Ann Arbor Premier Development League (0-1)

  • Ann Arbor FC; Ann Arbor, Mich.: L 3-4 Livonia

Michigan Premier Soccer League (1-0)

  • Livonia City FC; Livonia, Mich.: W 4-3 Ann Arbor

Minnesota Amateur Soccer League

  • FC Minnesota; Blaine, Minn.: bye

Austin Men’s Soccer Association (U.S. Specialty Sports Assn.)

  • Celtic Cowboys Premier; Austin, Texas: postponed

North Texas Premier Soccer Association (1-0)

  • Leon FC; Dallas, Texas: postponed
  • NTX Rayados; Dallas, Texas: W 4-4 (PKs) Dallas Elite

Bay State Soccer League (1-0)

  • Boston City FC II; Malden, Mass.: W 1-0 Juve-Pro
  • Boston Siege FC; Revere, Mass.: L 2-2 (PKs) Kendall Wanderers
  • GPS Omens; Boston, Mass.: W 2-1 Southie FC
  • Kendall Wanderers; Cambridge, Mass.: W 2-2 (PKs) Boston Siege
  • Southie FC; Roxbury, Mass.: L 1-2 GPS Omens

Connecticut Soccer League (0-1)

  • Newtown Pride FC; Newtown, Conn.: L 0-1 Jackson Lions

Rochester District Soccer League

  • Rochester River Dogz; Spencerport, N.Y.: bye

Cosmopolitan Soccer League

  • Lansdowne Bhoys FC; Yonkers, N.Y.: L 0-4 Pancyprian Freedoms
  • New York Pancyprian Freedoms; Jamaica, N.Y.: W 4-0 Lansdowne Bhoys

Garden State Soccer League (1-0)

  • Jackson Lions FC; Jackson, N.J.: W 1-0 Newtown Pride

Greater Pittsburgh Soccer League

  • Tartan Devils Oak Avalon; Pittsburgh, Pa.: bye

United Soccer League of Pennsylvania

  • Ukrainian Nationals; North Wales, Pa.: W 2-0 UGH
  • United German Hungarians; Oakford, Pa.: L 0-2 Ukrainian Nationals
  • Vereinigung Erzgebirge; Warminster, Pa.: L 1-2 West Chester
  • West Chester United; West Chester, Pa.: W 2-1 Vereinigung

Maryland Major Soccer League (1-1)

  • Christos FC; Elkridge, Md.: W 4-1 Rockville
  • Izee Auto FC; Columbia, Md.: L 2-4 World Class
  • Rockville Soccer Club; Rockville, Md.: L 1-4 Christos
  • Steel Pulse FC; Windsor Mill, Md.: L 1-2 Aegean Hawks
  • Super Delegates Football Club; Laurel, Md.: W 4-1 DC Cheddar
  • World Class Premier Elite FC; Boyds, Md.: W 4-2 Izee

Washington Premier League (1-0)

  • Aegean Hawks FC; Boyds, Md.: W 2-1 Steel Pulse

District Sports Premier League (0-1)

  • DC Cheddar; Washington, D.C.: L 1-4 Super Delegates

Woodbridge Soccer League

  • Centro America FC; Woodbridge, Va.: L 1-2 Virginia United
  • Virginia United; Woodbridge, Va.: W 2-1 Centro America

Soccer Organization of the Charlottesville Area

  • Cville Alliance FC Reserves; Charlottesville, Va.: W 3-1 Tigres
  • Tigres FC; Crozet, Va.: L 1-3 Cville Alliance

Central League (1-0)

  • Soda City FC Sorinex; Lexington, S.C.: W 5-1 FC Cardinals

Atlanta District Amateur Soccer League

  • Shahin Atlanta FC; Marietta, Ga.: bye

Gulf Coast Premier League 

  • Motagua New Orleans; New Orleans, La.: W 5-2 Port City
  • Port City FC; Gulfport, Miss.: L 2-5 Motagua

American Premier Soccer League

  • FC Kendall; Miami, Fla.: L 1-2 Red Force
  • Red Force FC; Miami, Fla.: W 2-1 FC Kendall

Central Florida Soccer League (0-1) 

  • Central Florida FC Spartans; St. Cloud, Fla.: Bye
  • Orlando FC Wolves; Altamonte Springs, Fla.: L 0-1 America SC

Sun Cup (U.S. Specialty Sports Assn.)

So that told us … very little.


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