Shall we find a new social network?

So to reiterate — I’m boycotting Twitter because of their harassment policies or inability to enforce them with any intelligence. It’s not about me. It’s about Alex Jones. If they ban Alex Jones, I’ll be back on Twitter, though I’ll be keeping a close eye on how they enforce harassment claims (especially by women) in the future.

I’m somewhat optimistic that Twitter will eventually cede to pressure and ban Jones. But I decided to check out a few alternatives. They aren’t great.

  • Pluck is … cute? I found very little soccer conversation.
  • Mastodon seems very geeky.
  • Path seems OK, but I found exactly two of my Twitter contacts there, and they’re not people who ever chat with me.

I could just go to Reddit, or I could go to BigSoccer. But I do like the real-time feel of Twitter. Just not their inconsistent and even inhumane harassment policing.

Alex Jones has no business on any platform. Let him stand on a street corner and yell. He’s not guaranteed anything else under the First Amendment, which never said anything about private companies being forced to allow people to slander and harass to incite hatred and violence.

Here’s hoping Twitter comes to its senses soon. In the meantime, if you’d like to chat somewhere else, let me know. I’d love to talk about the irony of David Wagner employing a 3-6-1 today.

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One thought on “Shall we find a new social network?

  1. Is Google Plus still a thing? Or rather, I know it is. But is it a thing you would consider? And you *could* just set up a FB page, I guess.


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