RSD short: On Twitter and Cordeiro

Today’s podcast sums up why I’m boycotting Twitter and goes into a bit of detail about today’s Guardian story on Carlos Cordeiro’s first six months, particularly Pete Zopfi’s “functional unification” idea.

Just to clarify: I’m not off Twitter because of anything directly affecting me. This is my response to their selective enforcement of hate speech and harassment, and the tipping point is the nonsensical decision to allow Alex Jones to keep posting falsehoods designed to do nothing but turn gullible people into dangerous people.

We’ll see what happens. If they relent and ban Jones, I’ll be back as soon as it happens. Until then, all you’re going to get from me is the occasional automated post showing that I’ve published here and a daily tweet explaining why I’m boycotting.

Here’s today’s podcast …



One thought on “RSD short: On Twitter and Cordeiro

  1. Thanks Beau. Enjoyed the podcast (my first). Also enjoyed the article in The Guardian. Appreciate your perspective. Looking forward to further discussions. Pete Zopfi


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