New podcast, new T-shirt

The feedback I’ve received on the T-shirts is that everyone loves the “three minivans” badge.

minivans-shirtSo the new T-shirt emphasizes that badge. The RSD banner is moved, and the “TRAVEL SUCKER” logo becomes a small badge.

Take a look and get your shirt now.

Also new …

I’m going to do fewer hourlong podcast interviews. Instead, I’m going to do two different sorts of podcasts:

The big ones: Multipart, multivoice series on a particular topic, akin to the great “American Fiasco” series.

The small ones: Short podcasts covering a couple of topics.

This week, it’s the latter. Give it a listen.

The three topics this week are:

  1. We have a new U.S. Youth Soccer chairman. What does that mean for U.S. Soccer?
  2. On women’s soccer broadcasts, could we show a variety of aspirational archetypes, not just soccer players?
  3. What’s new at Ranting Soccer Dad.



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