Are you a travel sucker?

It’s OK. Many of us are. We’ve paid thousands of dollars for this, and we’re wondering whether this is really worth it.

But when we laugh about it, we gain power over it. We demonstrate that we have serious questions about what we’re doing and why. Maybe we shouldn’t have driven 200 miles for this game. Maybe we parents should have more of a say on a team that isn’t going to send 15 people to college and three more to the pros.

shirt-e1532540500273.pngSo show your pride. Show that you’re an independent thinker with a sense of humor. And support Ranting Soccer Dad in the process.

This shirt has the TRAVEL SUCKER logo in the place where a sponsor logo would go on a typical jersey. The RANTING SOCCER DAD logo is where you might have a Nike swoosh or a Puma or adidas mark.

And the badge? It’s a bit like England’s three lions, but instead of lions, we have minivans.

Shirts are available for a limited time direct from CustomInk. I’ll also be shipping a few to supporters on Patreon once they hit a threshold of donations.

Patreon supporters can also get a window cling that looks like this …


Finally, if you have not yet “liked” Ranting Soccer Dad on Facebook, please do. As Bluto once said, don’t cost nothin’.

Your support will help me decide how much more of this to do. I’ll be revving up the parents’ guide again in a few weeks once all the leagues have settled. The podcast is back underway. And I’m planning a short book.

Rant on.


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