Update: Georgia’s new league

The Georgia area guide has been updated with the official confirmation — long rumored at GASoccerForum.com — that five big Atlanta clubs have joined with two Alabama clubs and one South Carolina club to form the Southeastern Clubs Champions League.

Like a lot of other “Champions” Leagues, it’s hard to figure out what they’re doing. Most of these clubs have DA and ECNL teams, so we’re talking about B teams here. A couple are also in South Atlantic Premier League, so that league will have … C teams? Why is this essential?

Or … will SCCL have the C teams? Check out SSA’s take:


And we don’t yet know the ramifications of what the Cherokee Impact posted a few weeks ago, which was that the rest of the clubs in Georgia were banding together and saying, “Fine — you can’t play in U.S. Youth Soccer’s regional and national league any more.”


One thought on “Update: Georgia’s new league

  1. it sounds like it’s a mess down there in Georgia. When we spoke Beau, I mentioned how the clubs need to be responsible to communicate with the parents and what level their players are at leagues etc. just reading the Facebook posts doesn’t sound like anyone has a clue what direction these clubs are going in for the future.


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