A quick Carlos Cordeiro Q-and-A

Remember the questions I posed to the candidates last week? I knew it’d be difficult to get answers when the candidates are all talking to as many voters as possible.

But I just got one set of answers from Carlos Cordeiro. The questions and answers are below, with no editing:

You’ve demonstrated a reluctance to do interviews. How will you adapt to the role of president, when you be required to do many press conferences?

On the contrary—since announcing my candidacy, I’ve conducted numerous in-depth interviews with journalists, including Grant Wahl and Brian Straus (Sports Illustrated), Joe Prince-Wright (NBC Sports), Ian Thomas (Sports Business Journal), Kevin Draper (New York Times), Paul Kennedy (Soccer America), Sam Borden (ESPN FC), Henry Bushnell (Yahoo Sports), Jonathan Tannenwald (Philadelphia Inquirer) and Michelle Kaufman (Miami Herald). These interviews are publicly available on my website.

In addition, I’ve provided detailed written answers to numerous questionnaires, including from the Athlete Council, Adult Soccer, US Youth Soccer, The American Outlaws, the US Open Cup, LGBT.soccer and ESPN. All of these Q&As are also publicly available, in full, on my website. I also participated in the candidate forum hosted by US Youth Soccer in Philadelphia on January 20.

Meanwhile, I’ve been traveling extensively across the country to meet directly with voters and members of our soccer community to listen to their concerns and develop solutions together.

A pillar of my campaign is bringing open, inclusive, transparent governance to USSF. If elected, this will include open and ongoing communication with members across our U.S. Soccer community, and I will continue to be available for interviews with the press. At the same time, it’s my hope that the spotlight will rightly focus where it belongs—on our players, coaches and referees.

Why hasn’t U.S. Soccer released its Form 990 and audited financials for the year ending March 31, 2017?

The USSF Form 990 will be submitted to the IRS prior to the 2/15 deadline, and after it has been reviewed by the USSF Board of Directors.


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