As with many aspects of the U.S. Soccer presidential election, the nomination process is clearly spelled out, except where it’s not.

The Election Procedures say this:


(Note that this does NOT include the deadline to rescind a nomination, which is Nov. 27. That’s today. Or yesterday, depending on when you read this.)

We’re looking at 1.2 here to see who can nominate a candidate. The “Athlete members of the Board of Directors” category is simple: It’s Chris Ahrens, Carlos Bocanegra and Angela Hucles.

Who’s an Organization Member? Let’s hit the bylaws …


So Life Members and Individual Sustaining Members aren’t named as potential nominators. Also scratch (C) Indoor Professional League — the Major Arena Soccer League isn’t affiliated.

Let’s check the rest against the definitions in the bylaws and then see if we can figure out who qualifies under which category. All in alphabetical order.

This is where I’m going to ask for some crowd-sourcing help. A lot of the sites are unclear. The USSF site mentions “Affiliates” without a precise breakdown. 

(A) Associate: “an organization formed to advance a particular aspect of soccer, but not responsible for recruiting, training, fielding and funding of soccer players.”

  • United Soccer Coaches? (Formerly NSCAA)
  • U.S. Soccer Foundation?

(B) Disabled Service Organization: “an organization formed with the primary goal of advancing and improving soccer for disabled individuals.” I’m completely guessing that the following affiliates are in this category:

  • American Amputee Soccer Association
  • U.S. Power Soccer
  • U.S. Deaf Soccer

(D) National Affiliate: “an amateur sports organization that conducts soccer programs in which players compete in at least 26 states of the United States.”

  • SAY Soccer (100,000 youth players) is on the Youth Council.

(E) National Association: Basically, a BIG National Affiliate (1,000 players in each of at least 26 states, 200,000 players total) and member of the Youth or Adult Council.

  • U.S. Adult Soccer
  • U.S. Youth Soccer (3 million players)
  • U.S. Club Soccer (verified National Association)
  • AYSO (500,000 players)

(F) Other Affiliate. Amateur, competes in at least four states but not 26 (because that would be “National”) and not a member of the Youth or Adult Council.

  • U.S. Armed Forces Sports Council?
  • U.S. Futsal? (There was some back-and-forth in the Board minutes over the course of a couple of years about this.)
  • U.S. Specialty Sports Association?

(G) Professional League. That one’s easy. Four.

  • MLS
  • NASL
  • NWSL
  • USL

(H) State Association: “the administrative body within a territory determined by the National Council to carry out the Federation’s programs for amateur youth or amateur adult players, or both.” There are at least 95 of these. I’m hedging because I didn’t find sites for a lot of the adult associations.

Here’s a quick spreadsheet attempt:
WisconsinState – Youth

U.S. Soccer Foundation Associate?
United Soccer Coaches Associate?
American Amputee SA Disabled Service
U.S. Deaf Soccer Disabled Service
U.S. Power Soccer Disabled Service
SAY National Affiliate
AYSO National Association
US Club Soccer National Association
US Youth Soccer National Association
USASA National Association
U.S. Futsal Other Affiliate?
U.S. Specialty Sports Other Affiliate?
US Armed Forces SC Other Affiliate?
Alaska State – Adult
Arizona State – Adult Site?
California – North State – Adult
Colorado State – Adult
Connecticut State – Adult
Delaware State – Adult Site?
Florida State – Adult
Hawaii State – Adult
Idaho State – Adult
Illinois State – Adult
Kansas State – Adult
Kentucky State – Adult Site?
Maine State – Adult Not sure this one exists – joint association?
Maryland State – Adult
Massachusetts State – Adult
Michigan State – Adult
Minnesota State – Adult
Mississippi State – Adult
Missouri State – Adult Site?
Montana State – Adult Site?
Nebraska State – Adult
Nevada State – Adult Site?
New Jersey State – Adult
New Mexico State – Adult
New York – East State – Adult
New York – West State – Adult
North Carolina State – Adult
Ohio – North State – Adult Site?
Ohio – South State – Adult
Oregon State – Adult
Pennsylvania – East State – Adult
Rhode Island State – Adult
South Carolina State – Adult
South Dakota State – Adult
Tennessee State – Adult
Texas – South State – Adult
Utah State – Adult
Vermont State – Adult
Virginia (DC) State – Adult
Washington State – Adult
Wisconsin State – Adult
Wyoming State – Adult Site?
Alabama (combined) State – Joint
Arkansas (combined) State – Joint
Cal – South (combined) State – Joint
Georgia (combined) State – Joint
Indiana (combined) State – Joint
Iowa (combined) State – Joint
Louisiana (combined) State – Joint
New Hamp (combined) State – Joint
North Dakota (combined) State – Joint
Oklahoma (combined) State – Joint
Penn – West (combined) State – Joint
Texas – North (combined) State – Joint
West Virginia (combined) State – Joint
Alaska State – Youth
Arizona State – Youth
California – North State – Youth
Colorado State – Youth
Connecticut State – Youth
Delaware State – Youth
Florida State – Youth
Hawaii State – Youth
Idaho State – Youth
Illinois State – Youth
Kansas State – Youth
Kentucky State – Youth
Maine State – Youth
Maryland State – Youth
Massachusetts State – Youth
Michigan State – Youth
Minnesota State – Youth
Mississippi State – Youth
Missouri State – Youth
Montana State – Youth
Nebraska State – Youth
Nevada State – Youth
New Jersey State – Youth
New Mexico State – Youth
New York – East State – Youth
New York – West State – Youth
North Carolina State – Youth
Ohio – North State – Youth
Ohio – South State – Youth
Oregon State – Youth
Pennsylvania – East State – Youth
Rhode Island State – Youth
South Carolina State – Youth
South Dakota State – Youth
Tennessee State – Youth
Texas – South State – Youth
Utah State – Youth
Vermont State – Youth
Virginia (DC) State – Youth
Washington State – Youth
Wyoming State – Youth

Again — if I’ve misclassified any organization, please speak now. If any of these organizations have no nominating power, please let me know. If you know something I don’t, I need to be in touch with you. It’s my job. Sort of.

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