Dissecting the TFC-NYRB halftime kerfuffle

The video we have from the Toronto tunnel doesn’t tell us much. But let’s see what we can figure out:

0:17 — Is this a tent? It looks like footage from a wedding gone horribly wrong.

0:20 – Sacha Kljestan (NY No. 16) meanders into the frame along with phenom Tyler Adams (NY No. 4) and someone wearing No. 67, who is not identified on the Red Bulls roster. Is Adams old enough to be involved in this?

0:23 – Jozy Altidore (TFC) somehow is pushed back from the scene.

0:27 – A loud “Woooo!” Perhaps cross-promotion for the upcoming 30 For 30 on Ric Flair? (And yes, I’m embarrassed to recognize that sound.)

0:42 – How many people are in this tunnel? Bradley Wright-Phillips (NY) passes through like he’s just looking for the bathroom.

0:45 – Michael Bradley (TFC captain) is attempting to be the voice of reason with Jesse Marsch (NY coach) but is distracted by something behind him. Meanwhile, Toronto keeper Alex Bono wanders through as if to remind people not to mess with him because only goalkeepers can use their hands.

0:48 – Security guides Wright-Phillips away. Perhaps, as CCR once sang, there’s a bathroom on the right.

0:55 – Cameo appearances for NY’s Gonzalo Veron (No. 30) and Daniel Royer (No. 77).

0:56 – As Soccer America reported, Bradley appears to be yelling at Marsch, “Why are you here?” The rest of it appears to be directions to the visiting locker room. It’s been a while since I’ve been to BMO — are the tunnels that confusing?

1:00-1:45 – Some stereotypically polite Canadians have taken control and are trying to point the Red Bulls toward their locker room. Someone else is yelling the occasional f-bomb as if to deflate the notion of stereotypically polite Canadians.

1:45 – A kid who sounds like he’s about 7 years old yells, “This is OUR house!”

1:58 – A finger.

I still don’t know what Marsch was doing there.



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